Why You Should Wait Until After The Outbreak Is Over To Buy A New Car
on March 26, 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused a great deal of confusion. It’s not business as usual anymore, no matter how many people are trying to continue running things as they normally would. Non-essential businesses have closed their doors. Those that remain operational do so for the greater good, but put their employees at increased risk of catching the virus and coming down with the disease that is COVID-19.

Obviously, those who can still work still need to drive. And we still need to be able to find our way to the grocery store from time to time.

That makes the lemon law even more important than ever for those who recently purchased a vehicle that can’t perform these essential functions. It also makes people far more likely to fall back upon the lemon law for compensation or to make needed repairs. Right now, it’s not easy to simply head out to the nearest dealership to purchase a new vehicle. We need to make the old ones work the best we can.

That’s why you should wait until after the coronavirus outbreak is over to buy your new car.

If everyone continues to purchase new vehicles, we could see a massive increase in the number of new lemon, personal injury, and insurance-related cases. We don’t need that right now. 

What should you do if you’re having car troubles? Right now, the best option is to find someone who knows cars and ask for a favor or pay them to make repairs. Especially with so many people unable to find work right now. A crowded mechanic’s shop will only put you at risk of helping spread or contract this illness, because the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for several days. For more complicated car trouble, do what you have to do.

Those who are dealing with a lemon should begin the process of building a lawsuit, but be prepared to move the goalposts further back. A successful case might take longer than it usually would. At the very earliest, you shouldn’t expect a lemon lawyer to settle your case or put it in front of a judge until summer. And even that might be wishful thinking. This outbreak could last through the year.

Those of us who aren’t currently having trouble with our vehicles should stay indoors as much as possible. Please stay cautious until this pandemic has ended!

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