When A Tesla Vehicle Fails, Customer Service Reps Point To The Lemon Law
on February 29, 2020

We generally want vehicles that work. After all, getting from place to place isn’t always just convenient — sometimes it’s a necessity. If you’re carting around a pregnant woman who’s about to give birth in the backseat of your luxury electric vehicle, you can hardly afford to have it break down. This is especially true of a company whose “autopilot” software turns the vehicle driverless. Can you imagine if the hardware failed while the software was in use?

Generally, car manufacturers will do their best to satisfy questions and complaints about defective vehicles. But most won’t go out of their way to explain the lemon law to customers — or even suggest that they invoke it. 

But that was the exact experience one Model 3 owner had. Dan brought the vehicle to two different Tesla service centers, trying to get the same mechanical problem fixed for good. But they couldn’t get the job done. After a 90-day stretch when the car was being serviced, Dan decided to call Tesla customer service one last time. They recommended invoked the lemon law for a refund or a new vehicle.

Dan asked for help on an online forum, and was surprised by the kinds of responses he received only days later.

One kind user actually suggested he go through with a new transaction as soon as possible. When Dan purchased the car, he likely received a whopping $7500 tax credit for the vehicle in 2018. But in 2019, the same vehicle would provide a $3750 tax credit. Tesla still has to pay back the full price of the vehicle when it was purchased, meaning the lemon law might actually provide a great cash benefit simply because of the available tax credits.

Of course, the ability to receive tax credits depends on whether they are state or federal. And state laws will always affect how the lemon law works for you. Not sure about your state’s laws? You should contact a qualified lemon law attorney as soon as you can. 

For additional information, you might try the Tesla forums. Users may have already had similar car troubles, and there may be simple troubleshooting solutions you can manage for yourself instead of involving customer service representatives or legal help. First, check the subject lines in “discussions.” Can’t find your problem? Join the community by registering, then ask the people there what they would do about your car trouble.

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