What is bait and switch?
on February 16, 2018

Bait And Switch Is One Of The Oldest Auto Dealer Scams – What To Know.

People love their cars. From the most expensive of luxury and sports models to the family sedan or off-road vehicle, drivers fall in love with their motor vehicles. But sometimes it’s time for something new. Either that old stalwart has just simply reached the end of the road or someone has just achieved that milestone – a license to take to the streets – but at some point, most people will have to visit an auto dealership.

Now auto dealers have a reputation for some fairly shady practices – and one of the oldest is the ‘Bait and Switch’ technique. At its heart, it preys on the fact that every human being is always on the lookout for the best bargain possible.

So, you see an advertisement for a car that is almost too good to be true – and you rush down to the dealership ready to sign on the dotted line only to be told that the car in question has already been sold. However that they do have a newer / better model which is only a little more expensive.

Now the dealer is faced with someone that they know is primed to spend money on a new car. They know that the person concerned would be disappointed not to drive off the lot with a car either for themselves or for the person who will eventually be the driver. Through some careful manipulation, the sale is almost a certainty.

There are ways to avoid getting your hopes up regarding that deal of a lifetime. Pat careful attention to the model that you are being enticed with. Dealers cannot lie outright – the information that they supply has to be correct. It’s often the case that they will advertise a model that has just finished its production run and a newer model is coming out – or on their floor already. Or alternatively has the bare minimum of modern conveniences.

Pay attention to the terms. In order to get that bargain basement car, you might have to put down a huge deposit. The dealer will then upsell you on the fact that he or she can give you far better terms on a newer model without that much strain on your pocketbook.

The key to avoiding the Bait and Switch is always to read the fine print.

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