Common SUV Recalls and Defects
on December 8, 2017

There are a many, many reasons people go out every day and buy a new car. Some just want a change, some buy a car for fun, some buy on impulse, and others purchase a car out of necessity. Some people are sick and tired of their car breaking down, they are tired of that too familiar feeling that something is not going to work right. If this is the reason you are buying a new car, you do not want to deal with the defects of a brand new vehicle. Unfortunately, if you are buying a Fiat-Chrysler vehicle, you may have an outside factor giving you some buyers remorse.

Over the past few years, Fiat-Chrysler has dominated headlines. The companies last CEO was obsessed with cutting costs. The company was choosing parts that were cheaper and less reliable than a product that was in some cases just one dollar more. These cost-cutting choices led to multiple defects causing recalls on more than one model.

Recent SUV Recalls and Defects

One of the largest recalls that Fiat-Chrysler had suffered was in 2014. The car manufacturer recalled around 870,000 SUVs because of an error in the design of the brakes. The problem Fiat-Chrysler had to solve: the brake boosters were becoming firm as a result of corrosion from water exposure. For those who are not familiar with what a brake booster does, it can be best described as the power steering of the braking system, it allows the driver to push the brake without having to put that much pressure on the pedal. If this brakes, the pedal will seem stuck in the upright position and it will be hard to stop the vehicle. In order to fix this problem, Fiat-Chrysler installed shields to the brake booster. The shields were designed to keep the brake booster dry.

In 2017, Fiat-Chrysler discovered a big “Oops!” with the 2014 recall. The shield they installed to protect the brake booster from water damage was not working as intended. The recall was scheduled for over 700,000 SUVs that had been recalled for a similar problem just a few years earlier. Both recalls affected Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs that were purchased from 2011-2014. Fiat-Chrysler was able to service 95% of the affected vehicles.

Some Advice

Purchasing a new vehicle is such an exciting process for many of us. To become drowned with buyers remorse due to a defective part is an unfortunate circumstance; especially when the part installed to fix the original problem, becomes a problem just a few years later. If you are looking to purchase a new or preowned SUV, do research on other past recalls and make sure you are not buying a potential lemon.

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