Recent Land Rover Defects and Recalls
on February 8, 2018

Land Rover has become a well-know, respected “premium” SUV brand. Among high-end SUVs and large vehicles, Land Rover has established itself in a relatively short time as a solid brand for discerning tastes in cargo space, seating and amenities.

With that “premium” label and pricing, though, it makes those occasional vehicle defects particularly expensive and difficult. Land Rover, however, has been defying its reputation in terms of safety, as the company has announced nearly 160 recalls for its line of vehicles over the years, with 2016 being a prevalently busy year in particular. Here is a brief look at the most recent recalls.


A very small recall was announced in December 2016, affecting a little more than 200 vehicles manufactured between late May and late August of 2016. The recall was to address a problem with the front suspension system on 2016-2017 models of Land Rover Discovery Sport and Evoque vehicles.

In this recall, it was discovered that fasteners for the front control arm of the suspension system may fail, resulting in the steering knuckle separating, which would adversely impact the vehicle’s handling.


In August 2016, Land Rover announced a recall of more than 10,000 vehicles for a defect in the automatic transmission. The recall affected 2015 Discovery Sport and 2014-2015 Range Rover Evoque vehicles. This recall involves some sensors in the transmission, which may malfunction and automatically shift the vehicle into neutral – which would increase the risk of a crash when the vehicle is in motion.


In May 2016, Land Rover announced one of its largest recalls, impacting nearly 35,000 Range Rover vehicles in the 2007 to 2011 model years, due to an airbag issue that made airbags less safe when used. In this case, a number of Range Rover vehicles had airbag inflators that would rupture, and a ruptured inflator would send shrapnel into the faces of vehicle occupants, causing damage and injuries when the airbags are deployed. The rupture would occur when propellant got degraded after a long-term exposure to cycles of humidity and temperature, according to the company.

Land a Good Defender

Virtually no automaker is immune from recalls or defects in their vehicles. Human error is common, but thankfully recalls are not. However, if you find yourself with a defective vehicle, it is not a good idea to wait for a recall to happen, especially if that defect directly results in injuries (or worse) to you or members of your family. It is important to deal with the issue quickly – preferably before anyone get hurt – and then retain theservices of a quality attorney who can help you get the issue addressed and can protect your rights should a defect cause a crash or injuries. You deserve safe, reliable transportation, and our attorneys can help you defend what you deserve.

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