Recent Infiniti Defects and Recalls
on February 2, 2018

Among car models and makes, Infiniti vehicles are considered a “luxury” line comparable with Lexus, Cadillac and others. Being a premium line of vehicle, Infiniti has developed a reputation for quality vehicles that are safe and comfortable for drivers and passengers.

However, even the most reliable and well-respected brands have trouble with the occasional defect that poses a safety risk and demands a recall of vehicles to repair the problem. Infiniti is a company that is not immune to these issues, but it does seem to have relatively minor recalls when measured against other brands. Here is a brief note about the most recent recalls.

Fuel Pump

In July 2017, Nissan USA (the parent company of the Infiniti brand) announced a recall of a select number of 2016, 2017, and 2018 Infiniti Q 50 and Q60 models over a fuel pump issue. With this recall, it was revealed that software which controls the fuel pump was flawed, which would lead to the sensor in the mian fuel tank to misread the fuel level. The fuel level would then get too low to keep the engine running, and it would stall.


In June 2016, Nissa announced a recall of about 60,000 Infiniti Q50 and Q50 Hybrid vehicles in model years 2014 through 2016, for an issue involving the adaptive steering system, which allows the vehicle to drive itself on the highway in certain conditions.

This recall was reported to addres a bug in the adaptive steering software, which would cripple steering and drivability just after the car’s engine is started. This is a follow-up to a previous recall of 2014 models with this same autonomous driving system, which then was having an issue with disengaging in cold temperatures.


As Infiniti is a line under the Nissan banner, a number of Infiniti models were part of the wide-ranging Takata airbag recall last year, but there was a separate Nissan recall as well, regarding airbag issues.

The in-house recall was across about 3 million Nissan cars, including several Infiniti models – the 2013 through 2017 Q 50 and QX 50 models, and the 2013 JX35. This recall was to address a key sensor in the airbag system that would disrupt the airbag’s availability and deployment.

Infinite Protection

Recalls do happen, and defects do occur; we always hope that the recalls are small and limited so there are a minmal number of people exposed to safety risk. But if you or your family or friends are exposed to a defect in your Infiniti vehicle, make sure you get it addressed as quickly as possible, and get in touch with one of our attorneys to determine your rights and responsibilities in these situations and how your rights can be defended in any vehicular-defect case. Don’t wait for a recall; it may be too late.

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