Recent Ford Defects and Recalls
on January 24, 2018

Henry Ford was one of the great American innovators in history. He developed the assembly line, which hs been used by automakers all over the world during the past century. Ford Motor Company was one of the first automakers in the world and developed a well-respected reputation for design, engineering and style while remaining accessible to the masses.

Unfortunately, as Ford has been around for such a long time, generations have worked on its vehicles, and defects are occasionally found, and some of those defects lead to recalls because they compromise safety of occupants and others on the road. Here is a brief recap of some recent Ford recalls.


In March of 2017, Ford announced a recall of more than 230,000 vehicles to address an engine issue that led to several fires. Several models and model years are involved in this recall, featuring those with 1.6-liter engines which had an issue with coolant circulation that would cause overheating and had resulted in about 30 fires across North America. The recalled vehicles were 2013 through 2015 model years of Escape, Fiesta ST, Fusion and Transit Connect.


In the same recall announcement, Ford announced that it would address side door issues with more than 210,000 additional vehicles for a defect that impacted the side doors of the 2013 and 2014 Fiesta, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles.

In this recall, Ford reported that a latch on the side doors may break, which would cause the door to swing open while the vehicle was in motion, putting the driver at risk.


Back in the spring of 2016, Ford announced a recall of nearly 185,000 vehicles across four model types for a transmission issue. The impacted models were the 2011 and 2012 F-150 trucks, and the 2012 model years of Expedition, Mustang, and Lincoln Navigator.

This recall involves the six-speed automatic transmission vehicles, where there are sensors in the transmission that would malfunction, directing the vehicle to automatically downshift into first gear. This would cause the rear tires to either lock up or slide.

Assemble and Defend

Ford Motor Company was the innovator of the assembly line, which allowed the company to make cars that were affordable to a wide swath of the population. They still are, which means Ford makes a large volume of vehicles – which means when a defect is spotted, a recall will generally sweep up thousands and thousands of vehicles. And with most recalls, they often come after a defect is found to adversely impact a driver or other vehicles because it is a factor in a crash or some other incident.

If you find a defect in your Ford vehicle, you and your family can’t wait for a recall. Take care of the issue and have one of our quality attorneys on your side to fight for the safe, reliable transportation you deserve and to be whole again if you have to spend money to get a defect fixed. Ford has a duty, and it should be held accountable to that duty.

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