Range Rover Car Defects and Recalls

Range Rover Defects & Recalls

Range Rover

When you think of Range Rover you think of a luxurious sports utility vehicle that performs as well as it looks. The Jaguar Land Rover brand has become an international symbol of wealth, just as Mercedes Benz or Porsche or Maserati. The brand, nearing the ripe age of 50 years old, has rolled out a number of different styles of SUV including the Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, and the Range Rover Sport.

The team of attorneys at the Lemon Law Lawyers has handled an abundance of lemon law claims against Range Rover throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We are prepared to handle all sorts of lemon laws and federal warranty cases. We have an impeccable track record when it comes to successful claims. If your Range Rover has been in for multiple repairs or has been out of service for a prolonged period of time, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Range Rover Recalls

Even the most high-end vehicles have their fair share of problems. Some of the more common problems associated with Range Rover vehicles are related to some of the following parts:

  • Drivetrain
  • Electrical system
  • Fuel system    
  • Engines
  • Suspensions
  • Exterior accessories

These problems are in addition to technical service bulletins and recalls that have been put into effect over the years. In recent years, Range Rover has had some notable recalls ranging from minor problems with the seatbelts to major problems with airbag functionality. Below is a list of recalls you may or may not have seen that might affect your Range Rover.

  • In 2015, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SUVs were recalled due to the second-row seat back not latching into the well properly. This led to problems with the seatbelt properly restraining the passenger of the seat which could lead to serious injury in the event of an accident. The recall called for owners to bring their vehicle to the local dealer in order to have the defective parts replaced.
  • In December of 2016, Jaguar Land Rover issued multiple recalls. One of the recalls was for Range Rover Evoque vehicles manufactured in 2016 and 2017.Range Rover The vehicle defect was that the lower control-arm fasteners could fail. If the lower control-arm fasteners fail, it can lead to the loosening of the steering knuckle. Eventually, this can lead to a loss of handling while you are operating the motor vehicle and possibly leading to an accident. Range Rover issued this recall and local dealers replaced the problematic part.

    The second recall was for 2016 and 2017 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SUVs. This recall was issued in regard to seatbelt pretensioners that were not functioning properly. This could lead to the inadequate restraint of the passenger and an increased risk of injury. Jaguar Land Rover agreed to inspect and replace the defective part.

  • In the first three months of 2017, Range Rover had two major recalls in regards to a problematic airbag. Jaguar Land Rover was not the only company that was affected by the defective Takata airbags. Over 34 million vehicles in the United States alone were involved in the Takata airbag recall. The first of the two recalls were issued in January of 2017. The recall stated that the propellant in the airbag inflator may degrade over time, especially when exposed to humidity and vastly fluctuating temperatures. This defect led to an inflator that upon collision could rupture and deploy metal shrapnel, in addition to the airbag. The defective part could lead to serious injury and in some cases death. The recall was issued and local dealerships were left with the responsibility of replacing the defective airbags.

    Just as the dust began to settle after the massive Takata airbag recall, Range Rover owners were hit with a second recall, once again for a defective airbag. The new issue was with the front passenger side airbag. This problem was much less violent. The complication occurs when the car was involved in a collision. The inflator initiator would not ignite, causing the airbag to fail. Without an airbag, the passenger could be exposed to a situation that leads to a serious injury.

The same with every product, any car you by has the potential for complications. If the complications you are having with your Range Rover have led to multiple costly and time consuming repairs, you may be entitled to compensation including recovery of your losses, vehicle replacement, and/or a full refund of your vehicle.

Range Rover Defects Attorney

When a consumer purchases a high-end luxury vehicle that is being manufactured by a company like Jaguar Land Rover, they expect greatness. They expect to get a vehicle that was worth every penny. What they do not want to deal with is recalls and repairs that take time out of their daily lives and can be very costly. As shown by the history of Range Rover recalls, even after the owner brings the car in for a repair, it is not uncommon that the vehicle will need to be serviced again, sometimes just months after the original repair.

If you have purchased or are currently leasing a Range Rover vehicle that had been nothing but problematic, needing multiple repairs, contact the Lemon Law Lawyers today. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation and exhaust all of our resources to determine the problem with the vehicle and get you the compensation you deserve.

At the Lemon Law Lawyers firm, we understand that taking your car in for repairs can be a frustrating experience, especially when the problems are frequent. If your vehicle has had numerous repairs over the course of a year, you may have a valid Lemon Law case on your hands. Our attorneys are experienced in Rang Rover defects and have handled many, many cases of this nature. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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