New Ford Focus Recalls Plague Car Dealer A Second Time
on July 11, 2019

Ford is having a hard time with its Focus line of vehicles. In October of 2018 the car manufacturer recalled the Ford Ford because of a fuel system defect. Not only were those vehicles recalled, but 1.5 million showed signs of the exact defect. Not even a year later Ford is recalling the Focus again for the exact same problem — because apparently some of the owners didn’t get the memo.

That’s not exactly the truth.

Only certain Focus vehicles are suspected to still be tainted by the defect. 58,000 cars will be recalled, including the Ford Focus cars manufactured from 2012 to 2017 and the Ford Focus ST manufactured from 2013 to 2014. The last recall should have updated the software, but some vehicles failed to take it. The new recall will finally provide the needed update. Ford hasn’t made it clear why the other vehicles didn’t successfully receive last year’s necessary update.

The recalls are the result of a faulty canister purge valve, which circulates vapor. The defect caused the valve to remain flipped in the open position. This issue would normally be discovered by routine self-diagnostics performed by the vehicle’s powertrain control module, but this was also malfunctioning in a sort of cascade effect that could cause the fuel tank to take a different shape over time, which can stall vehicles. A stalled car in the wrong place at the wrong time can mean the difference between life and death.

Those affected by the recall should deliver their models to Ford dealers to apply for the needed software. Dealer technicians will perform the needed fix before potentially replacing the necessary parts of the fuel system if they were bent out of shape because of the defects. Ford asks Focus owners to ensure the fuel tank has at least half a tank at all times until the fix can be made, as this should help prevent potentially dangerous stalling.

Other vehicles are still being recalled because of Takata airbags that were subject to a defective inflator. The defect can result if injury or death if the airbag is deployed in a collision, as parts from the ruptured inflator might be shot toward a vehicle’s occupants. The recall includes the Ford Mustang, GT, Ranger, Fusion, Edge, Zephyr, MKZ, MKX, and Milan. To find out if your vehicle model is among the years recalled, visit the Ford website.

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