How Long Will My Case Take If I Take My Lemon To Court?
on October 15, 2019

First of all, it’s important to note that not every case is the same. Not every case is extraordinary and not every case will make it all the way to court — in part because usually no one wants to go there. It’s a waste of time and money for everyone involved, especially the taxpayers. Even if a client is dead-set of going in front of a judge, it’s not necessarily how the case will end most successfully. And the length of time a case takes isn’t set in stone, either.

Clients usually prefer to stay away from court because it’s not only a scary process, but also because no matter how many facts seem to support a particular case, there’s no guarantee it will end favorably.

Defendants usually prefer to stay away from court for the same reasons, and then some — usually they have a reputation to protect, the loss of which would result in fewer sales in the future. It’s in their best interests to settle the case out of court, quickly and fairly. All we need to do is let them.

Of course, that’s not always how things work.

Sometimes the two sides won’t find common ground or terms that could result in an agreement, and the only way the case can be settled is in front of a judge. If that happens, the process will take much longer and become more stressful for both sides. It’s okay. We’re always prepared for the possibility and we’ve always got your back. It’s what we’re here for you.

When cases are settled out of court, the best case scenario for resolution is three months. If facts become skewed or more evidence presents later in the process, then it might take significantly longer to settle. 

When cases are presented before a judge, you can expect the case to take longer — one year is a good outcome. Longer is also possible. It’s important you know this before you decide to move forward.

If you’re stressed about the potential costs for getting a lemon law attorney or taking the case to court, then don’t be. Federal law — and most state laws — exist to make our lives a little easier. They guarantee no upfront costs when dealing with these types of cases. Manufacturers or dealerships will find themselves dealing with the burden of cost, which is another reason they try to settle out of court quickly.

Usually they pay for your attorneys fees when cases are successful.

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