General Motors: Chevy Equinox Oil Consumption Problems
on September 25, 2018

A class-action lawsuit against General Motors argues that the company knew that there was a flaw with their 2.4 Liter engines in their Chevy Equinox models but concealed the problem from consumers. Chevy Equinox owners, especially those with models from 2010 to 2017 have been experiencing major oil consumption problems.

According to one of the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit, after only driving about 1000 miles with his brand new Chevy Equinox his car started to rock back and forth and begin to buck. A mechanic said that 3/4 of his oil had already been used. For those of us who are not that familiar with how cars work, oil should not be used that quickly. It is estimated that one quart of oil should last roughly 3,000 miles and in some models even more.

The owner of this car claimed that the GM technician said there was no auto recall for this model but when the owner asked corporate he was shocked to find the following information:

“some 2012 model year Chevrolet Equinox vehicles equipped with a 2.4 L engine may exhibit excessive engine oil consumption (less than 2000 miles per quart of oil), due to piston ring wear. If this condition is present, an audible rattle or knock from the engine maybe heard”.

GM then offered an extended warranty under the condition the owner bring back his car every 500 miles for an oil change. The inconvenience along with the expense is what prompted him to take legal action.

If you’ve been experiencing similar issues with your Chevy Equinox, feel free to contact one of our lemon law lawyers to help you join the class action lawsuit or file a lemon lawsuit of your own. You might be entitled to a brand new car, cash settlement or a car of equal value.

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