Ford Defects and Recalls

Ford Car Defects & Recalls

ford logoThe Ford family has a long, historied presence in the auto industry. Henry Ford, the company’s founder, began Ford in 1903. He was able to navigate his way through the great depression and expand the company by adding the Lincoln and Mercury. Just as Henry Ford was able to navigate his way through tough economic times, his auto company continued to grow even after his passing. Over the last 20 years, Ford vehicles have become known for their lack of reliability and the obscure amount of recalls they have had to issue on their cars.

The Lemon Law Lawyers have experience handling lemon law and federal warranty law cases with a variety of Ford models. We are well versed in the lemon laws of Pennsylvania and know a lemon when we see one. We are not limited to Ford vehicles; the Lemon Law Lawyers have experience with Jeep, Range Rover, Dodge, Nissan, Chevy, and other auto manufacturers. We are prepared to fight for your rights and win you the compensation you deserve.

Ford Recalls

As previously stated, Ford cars carry a stigma. The vehicles are known to break down, have a variety of problems, and have been recalled an alarming number of times. Some of the most notable recalls in recent years are:

  • In April of 2016, Ford was forced to recall over 260,000 vehicles for a couple of reasons. 184,000 of those vehicles included 2011-2012 Ford F-150s, 2012 Ford Expeditions, Ford Mustangs and Lincoln Navigators. The problem with these models was that they had a transmission defect that caused them transmission to shift down to first gear. The unexpected shift to first gear could cause the rear tires to lock, increasing the risk of an accident.The second batch of recalls was the remaining 75,364 2014-2015 Ford Explorer and Police Interceptors. These vehicles were recalled for improper welding of the rear suspension.
  • In March of 2017, 360,000 2010-2015 Ford Escape, Ford Fiesta, and Ford Fusion vehicles equipped with the 1.6 liter Ecoboost Engine were recalled. There was a problem with the circulation of coolant throughout the engines. This would cause the engines to overheat and in 29 cases, go on fire.
  • In May 2017, Ford issued two separate recalls that affected a total of 3,000 vehicles. The first recall was for 2,195 2017 Ford F-150, Super Duty, and Escape models. The problem was that the driver seat back frames were improperly welded. This would cause the seat to move if the car was struck, putting the occupant in danger.The second portion of vehicles recalled was a significantly smaller group. 551 trucks that were fitted with an aftermarket chrome exterior handles were recalled. The problem was that the handles would unlatch when the side of the vehicle was struck.

Most Recalled Ford Models

Although Ford has a rap for not producing mechanically sound vehicles, some of their models are significantly worse off than others. According to, the Ford F-150 has been recalled an astounding 297 times, the Ford Mustang has followed suit with 219 recalls, and the Ford F-250 has been recalled 212 times. Below we have included a larger list of Ford models that have been recalled an alarming amount of times.Ford Cars

  1. Ford F-150 – 297
  2. Ford Mustang – 219
  3. Ford F-250 – 212
  4. Ford Explorer – 183
  5. Ford Ranger – 179

Class Action Suit

Ford settled a class action suit in 2017 for around $1.5 million. The members involved in this suit were owners and lessees of 2011-2016 Ford Fiestas and 2012-2016 Ford Focuses. The owners and lessees were rewarded with cash payouts and other benefits including a significant discount on a new Ford vehicle. The rewards were dependent on how long it took to fix your vehicle, if possible, and the number of repairs it took.

The lawsuit was filed by a large number of owners and lessees who were experiencing a malfunction with the Dual Shift/PowerShift Transmissions. This defect would cause the vehicles to kick or slip when accelerating. For some vehicles, it took multiple software and hardware repairs to fix the problem, for others there was not a fix.

Contact an Experienced Ford Defects Attorney

While Ford has had a long, American history, they have not built the most reliable cars. The problems with Ford vehicles have decreased slowly in recent years. When you are buying a Ford, or any type of vehicle, it is important to research that brand and model to see how the older versions have fared over the years.

If you are the owner or lessee of a new Ford vehicle and it has experienced a number of lengthy repairs or recalls within the first 12,000 miles of the vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced lemon law attorney, like the lemon law lawyers, to see if you have a valid case.

The Lemon Law Lawyers have tried dozens of cases regarding Ford vehicles. We are experienced, skilled, and prepared when it comes to lemon law. We know what to look for and what will get you the compensation you deserve. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation.

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