Dodge Recalls & Auto Defects
on January 15, 2018

Dodge, one of the automaker divisions of General Motors, has been known for some innovative car designs and some eye-catching looks on the streets, especially with some of its more recent models of such vehicles as Avenger, Charger, and others. But like other companies, Dodge is not immune to its share of vehicle recalls for safety reasons, and here we have three recent recalls for defects that were significant enough to warrant action.

Power Steering

In May 2016, Dodge announced a recall for a select number of Dodge Journey vehicles in the 2009 through 2016 model years due to a power-steering problem.  The issue had to do with the power-steering system not doing well in cold weather.

It was reported that when the vehicle was exposed to cold temperatures (though the actual temperature level was not reported), a hose would rupture upon the vehicle starting, which would disable the power-steering assist.


In June 2016, the parent company announced a new recall for the model year 2016 and 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan and 2016 Dodge Journey vehicles, among others, for a defect in the powertrain system, more specifically the automatic transmissions of these vehicles.

This particular recall was meant to fix a flaw in the transmission pump, as it was noted to lock up or freeze, which would cripple the pressure of the hydraulics, which would adversely impact power and increase the risk of a crash.


Just a few months later, in December 2016, yet another recall was announced for a small sample of 2016 Dodge Journey vehicles that were produced between May and August of that year, as an engine defect was caught early and addressed.

In this recall, Dodge focused on the crankshaft or camshaft of the engine. There was a sensor in that part of the engine, and it would malfunction randomly and cause the engine to stall and lose power.

Don’t Dodge Your Rights

Recalls can be inconvenient, but they are also important for the safety of driver and passengers, and an important customer-service step for the company. However, many recalls don’t happen until after something happens that causes injury or death.

Defects should be reported to the carmaker and to the proper federal agency, but you should also be proactive if you find yourself with a Dodge vehicle that possesses a defect. If you are in a crash or some other incident because of a problem with your vehicle, be sure to get it checked out thoroughly and retain a local attorney who knows about auto defects and recalls and can help defend your right to having a satisfactory vehicle that operates like it should and keeps your family and friends safe.

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