Common Mercedes Recalls & Defects
on December 21, 2017

Losing a car can be cataclysmic if you were in an accident, or it can be an annoyance if there was a recall and you had no choice but to give it up. Vehicles are recalled at ever-growing rates because of stricter government regulations implemented in the past few years, and usually not because there is a devastating likelihood of a defect that could send you to the hospital. The fines for not reporting even a minor safety issue are extremely high, and so manufacturers are simply making sure they’re covered as best as possible.

At least a couple important recalls took place in 2017 that you should know about if you recently purchased a Mercedes. 5800 vehicles were recently removed from roadways due to a brake problem that resulted in visible smoke at the wheels in the SLK 250 (2015 model), the SLK 350 (2016 model), and the SLC 43 AMG (2017 model).

Another recall created a fire hazard because of a defect in the engine starter. In some vehicles with damage to the transmission, a higher-than-acceptable current went through the current limiter which resulted in the blaze. This recall affected about 300,000 U.S. Mercedes vehicles: the CLA, C, GLA, GLC-class crossovers and E-class sedans. The fix is simple, and most dealers can repair affected vehicles in no time at all.

You should definitely know whether or not your vehicle is a lemon, especially with defects and recalls so much more common. So what are the conditions that make it one under the law? First, any defect you find is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. That means you haven’t had it long enough that you should need to spend your own hard-earned cash to cover a fix. Second, the defect could make the vehicle unsafe, lower the market value, or simply get in the way of the functionality. Third, the defect wasn’t caused by an accident or neglect. Usually, the manufacturer must be contacted for repair within a reasonable timeframe–legally speaking, this is in the first year or while the car still has fewer than 12,000 miles on it. Lastly, three repair attempts have not resolved the defect.

If you have a problem with your vehicle–if a dealer wasn’t honest about defects that should have been fixed prior to your purchase, or if the vehicle is recalled by the manufacturer–then you have options, and help is available. The best thing you can do is contact a law firm with lawyers who are proficient in the practice area of lemon law, and use them to help explore your options. If you are entitled to compensation because you were taken advantage of, then this is your quickest route to receiving your financial relief.

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