Common Jaguar Recalls & Defects
on December 27, 2017

What’s the first thing on your mind when you go to purchase a new vehicle? If it’s “this car better not break down on the way to work,” then you’re not alone. This is especially true because the number of vehicles recalled for minor defects is steadily rising because of increased government regulation that has resulted in steep fines for auto manufacturers. What are some common Jaguar recalls and defects? Here are a few that you may not have heard about in the news.

In one of the biggest recalls you might be able to imagine, about 34 million–yes you read that correctly–34 million vehicles are subject to a recall because of defective airbags in the Takata brand. These defects are apparently common, because they extend all the way back to 2014. Be sure to check with the manufacturer to make sure yours isn’t on the list.

Not all recalls are created equal, of course. In a much smaller recall, just over 7,000 vehicles were taken off the roads when Jaguar F-Type convertibles showed signs of a wiring malfunction that could lead to airbags remaining inactive during a collision. Oddly enough, only the front-passenger airbags seem to have been affected.

When we purchase a new vehicle, we don’t expect to be hit with the need to make a repair. When an issue arises with a new vehicle, it’s important to let the manufacturer know about it just in case the repair issue is common–and because your car could be a lemon. If you’ve made three manufacturer calls for repairs in under 12 months or 12,000 miles, then you might have a lemon on your hands. The only stipulation is that the defect must be the manufacturer’s fault, and not yours. These defects aren’t the result of accidents, and they must somehow inhibit the car’s ability to function as a vehicle should. If it can’t make left-hand turns without stalling or you smell fumes, then contact the manufacturer as soon as possible!

If your attempts to have the manufacturer repair your vehicle have failed, then there are other options you might take. A qualified lemon attorney can help explain details of your case you may not have even considered and can provide history of common defects that other clients may have reported. In this way, your case might snowball into a recall that could save lives–and add a few dollars to your wallet. No one deserves a car that doesn’t work, and no one should tolerate one either.

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