Chevy Defects and Recalls

Chevy Car Defects and Recalls

Chevy LogoChevrolet (Chevy) has built its reputation on being America’s car. The American car manufacturer has associated itself with American past times, like baseball and apple pie. Unfortunately, Chevy has struggled to keep their vehicles off of the recall list. Recently, they have had trouble with both new models they have rolled out and with classic models, like the Silverado.

It is hard to figure out if your car is a lemon. If you have experienced multiple instances where your Chevy is in and out of the repair shop for an extended period of time and you are within the first year or 12,000 miles of the car, you may have a valid case. Contact a lemon law lawyer today, they will analyze your case and determine if you are eligible for compensation.

The Lemon Law Lawyers have tried dozens and dozens of lemon law cases regarding Chevrolet throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Our team of professionals will conduct a thorough investigation that will ultimately result in the maximum amount of compensation for your particular case. We are not limited to handling cases with Chevrolet vehicles. We are also adept at handling lemon law cases with Jeep, Range Rover, Dodge, Nissan, Ford, and more automobile manufacturers.  

Chevy Recalls

America’s car brand, Chevrolet, has had a large number of recalls in recent years. The auto manufacturer has built a reputation on this idea. They set out to be an auto manufacturer by the American people, for the American people. Unfortunately, GM, Chevy’s parent company, has relocated numerous plants from the United States to Mexico and Canada. Regardless of where the car is made, when you buy a Chevy, you expect to get a vehicle that will perform well and have a great deal of longevity. In recent years, that has not been the case. There have been a variety of recalls affecting some of their newest models. Some of the largest recalls from Chevy are:

  • 2013 Chevrolet Malibu: The wires connecting the seat and the power seat mechanism were exposed. Over time, this can cause the wires to fray, causing short circuits, and increasing the risk of smoke and fires. In order to resolve this issue, GM inspected and repaired the harness.
  • 2013-2014 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe: The problem with the ‘13 and ‘14 Camaro Coupe was the airbag warning sticker would peel off over time. While this may seem minuscule, the warning is put in place to protect the auto manufacturer and to let the driver or passenger know that an airbag will go off in the event of a collision. This protects the auto manufacturer from being held liable if the airbag deployment is the cause of injury or even death. This issue was resolved by Chevrolet putting new airbag warning stickers on the sun visor.
  • 2013 Chevrolet Cruze: The issue with the Chevy Cruze is a result of the discovery that the right front shaft of the manual transmission could fracture. In the event of a fracture while the vehicle is moving, the car will lose power, coast, and eventually come to a complete stop. If the fracture occurs while the car is parked, the car could unexpectedly move. Both scenarios increase your risk of an accident.
  • Takata Recall: In 2016, millions of vehicles were recalled as a result of a defective airbag from the Takata auto parts manufacturer. This recall affected vehicles from almost every major brand and affected vehicles across the nation. The problem with the airbags was that the inflator would become damaged due to exposure to humidity and drastic temperature changes. The damaged inflator would deploy fragments as well as the airbag in the event of a crash. The solution of the recall was to replace the defective airbags. The defective airbags were the unfortunate cause of multiple deaths and numerous serious injuries.

Common Problems With Chevy Cars

Often car models incur the same problems year after year. Some of the most common problems that have been noted by owners of Chevrolet vehicles are:Chevrolet Silverado

  • Airbag
  • Engine oil leaks
  • Excessive wind noise
  • Excessive vibrations from the engine
  • Clunking noises from the engine
  • Hesitations when shifting
  • Inoperable air conditioning and heat
  • Navigation failures
  • Peeling paint
  • Power steering failure
  • Rough idling
  • Transmission slipping

As with any car brand, Chevy cars have their yay-sayers and their nay-sayers. While these problems are common, it does not mean that every vehicle will be affected by one or multiple of the problems listed above, if they experience any at all.

One of the most common problems reported was with the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. The problem that was reported by a great number of Silverado owners was excessive vibrations whenever they reached or surpassed 45 miles per hour. The results of the vibrations were headaches, discomfort, and vertigo for drivers and passengers. Chevy looked into fixing this problem on a few different occasions. Chevy examined every aspect of the affected vehicles and determined that the cause of the vibrations could be the size of the cabin, the support bars in the roof, and/or the tires. For many customers, they were unable to fix the problem.

In addition to the vibrations, the Chevy Silverado was recalled due to the manual front seats failing to meet safety standards. The problem was that the seats would move when the vehicle was struck from behind.  

Contact a Chevy Car Defects Attorney

In recent years, there has been a growing number of complaints and recalls regarding Chevy cars, SUVs, and trucks. While you should be cautious when buying a Chevy, or any car for ha matter, it does not mean that your car will experience the same problem as others. If you are within the first year or 12,000 miles of owning your vehicle and begin to experience a number of problems causing extended stays at the mechanic, you may have a lemon. The Lemon Law Lawyers and our team of professionals will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if the car, in fact, is a lemon. If the car is a lemon, you may be entitled to compensation including a cash reward, a replacement vehicle, and/or a refund for the vehicle. Contact our offices today to set up a consultation.

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