5 Things to Keep in Your Car in Case of an Emergency
on February 27, 2018

Things You Should Keep In Your Car In Case of An Emergency

Keeping a spare tire in your trunk is important, but there are a number of less obvious things that you should keep in your vehicle that can help you deal with an emergency.

1. Tire Iron and Jack

The spare tire in your trunk won’t do you much good if you don’t have the ideal tools to replace the flat one. If you have never done it before, swapping a flat tire can be a daunting task, but a little know-how goes a long way. So, brush up on your skills and if you still do not feel confident, purchase a canned tire inflator instead. No matter how you choose to go about the tire repair, ensure you pick a safe spot and always turn on the hazard lights before embarking on the task.

2. A Spare Phone

A fully charged extra phone will allow you to easily contact the emergency services even if your primary phone is out of juice. However, if you’re on a motorway, it’s better to use the roadside phone as it allows the breakdown service to pinpoint your location more easily.

3. A Flashlight or Torch

You should always have a torch in your glove compartment as it comes in handy when you need to examine the car in the dark or if you have to walk to seek help at night.

4. Jumper Cables

Car batteries can die in any weather condition, but they are known to quit in the least expected moments. Jumper cables cost less than 20 dollars and are easy to use. If you are going to drive in a less-traveled road, the last thing you want is to wait for someone to help you out. You can ideally get battery booster which comes in handy during emergencies.

5. Blanket and Bottles of Water

If you ever find yourself in an emergency with your friends or loved ones, taking care of them should be your main priority. As such, ensure you have a blanket and a few bottles of water at all times so that everyone can stay warm and well hydrated.

6. A Gas Tank

Should you run out of petrol, this container will be used for transporting some gas from the nearest gas station. Even better, you should keep one in your trunk that is full of gas, thus saving you if you find yourself stranded in a place without a gas station nearby.

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